data/server room services

Maintaining and securing your valuable data centre 

Managing your Data Centre

Whether you have a large data centre or dedicated server rooms, we offer a range of bespoke design and build services as well as upgrades and ongoing maintenance contracts. We can project manage the new build or upgrade of your data room/centre from start to finish. Our maintenance contracts are a very popular choice with customers who require ongoing support and advice on current functionality and set up. Dataserv Networking can re-design and install servers and carry out full cabinet audits. All audits are fully safety and security checked by one of our qualified data experts.

The sizes of Data Centres can vary widely and we have the knowledge and experience of both building and maintaining data rooms/centres large and small. Your data centre can be as large as a room, a number of floors or an entire building - we can deliver bespoke data room services to suit your exact business needs. 

New Data Centres

Dataserv Networking will make decisions to identify the scope of your new data centre considering the architecture of your building. Our new Data Centre package will also include 

  • Space planning
  • Mechanical Systems 
  • Electrical systems
  • IT Infrastructure 
  • Modelling (power, cooling, space and costs)
  • Performance Assessments 
  • Maintenance Contracts 
  • Comple Re-patching Service 

For more information on our Data/Server room services please contact us on 01453 297 438 

your data centre is the heart of your business