Securing your business

quality access control systems supplied & installed

Monitor & Control Access 

There are many reasons why installing an access control system into your company building/sites could be beneficial. Here are a few examples of the main reasons why customers chose to invest in a secure door entry system with us:

1) Monitor - Register the time employees and visitors are entering and leaving the building. (Log/back up staff hours, monitor holiday & sick leave, AWOLs, punctuality)

2) Health & Safety Measure -  (Fire threat, intruder, health & safety hazards) Safety is paramount and ensuring the wellbeing of the people in your building is essential. Identify immediately who is registered as signed in and easily access the information should there be an emergency or where an accurate  head count is needed. 

3) Control - limit access to your facilities only to people authorised to enter your building. (Secure your premises and protect employees and visitors from any potential threats by any unauthorised persons). 

Tighter Security

  • Accurate view of all on- site movement 
  • Cheaper Insurance 
  • Business Investment 


Biometric System

Convenience & Tighter Security

Biometric authentication uses a computer-generated template which is created from the unique physical characteristics of a person such as fingerprints, hands, iris & signatures. This beneficial in the long term as there is no reoccurring costs and associated consumables such as replacement badges/fobs. 

Proximity Reader

Control & Manage Access Easily

Used within a certain range contactless key fobs or smart cards are programmed to grant or reject access to certain areas. The data is read by a card reader and transmitted to an access control panel. Add cardholders, manage access privileges and generate activity reports easily. 

Stand-Alone System

Cost Effective Security

Sometimes referred to as "Offline" readers these systems do not require data cabling back to an access control panel as they are not monitored and controlled over a network. Stand alone systems are programmed locally and internally record and store an audit of door access history data. By using a handheld gateway device this data can be retrieved at a later time. 

chosing the right system for your business

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